Top 5 Mouth Watering Indian Biryani You Must Try

Top 5 Mouth Watering Indian Biryani You Must Try Atleast Once:

“Biryani’’ the word is enough for every food lovers to get mouth watering. It is very famous dish which is originated in Persia and it was brought in Indian with the hands of Mughals. Biryani is in the heart of every Indian person. It is so yummy and tasty dish among the Indian cuisine.

Since Mughals are bringing this dish in India, from then Biryani has never faded its taste and yumminess. In India there are very few places, where Biryani is not available or unknown. From the Persian origin, this Indian cuisine is gained remarkable love of food lovers from the every corner of the world.

There are so many places held in India where Biryani is famous. Every maker is claim that they are making the best Biryani. And it is true you will get different taste, smell and spices according to the specific places, specific cities.

The Top 5 Places in India where Biryani is Famous:

1. Lucknowi Biryani:

Lucknow is the famous city in India where you can get the best ever Biryani in the world. The ‘Awadhi’ Biryani is the main attraction in this city. This Biryani is names as Awadhi, because It is the origin of Awadh, the state of uttarpradesh and the capital is Lucknow.

This Biryani is so popular and it has historical value. Because this Biryani is originally made by the Mughals who ruled India over the 300 centuries. Lucknow is the popular and renowned city for the every foodie. The Awadhi Biryani is the perfect blend of spices, fine rice, meat and super fragrant of saffron.

The Awadhi Biryani is made with the Lucknowi special tender rice, with the flavor of cinnamon, star anise, super quality saffron, with the half-cooked mutton all in the deep ‘handi’ along with clarified butter (ghee) in the every layer and sealed and cooked until the all things is blended well.

2. The Calcutta Biryani:

The city of joy, Calcutta or Kolkata is also famous city for Biryani. Many popular Biryani making restaurants are held in this city. Just like the other Bengali dishes, Kolkata Biryani is become very famous for its taste.

Kolkata Biryani is close enough to the Lucknowi Awadhi Biryani. In the year 1856, a royal Nawab family brought Awadhi Biryani in Kolkata. The Nawab Wajid shah was disposed from Awadh, Lucknow and he brought all the things with him along with the recipe of Biryani. From then the city of joy never forget Nawab Wajid Shah for this special recipe of Biryani.

Here in Kolkata, the Biryani gets little more twist by adding potatoes into the Biryani, which is Kolkata style.

3. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani:

Hyderabad is also popular city in the worlds for Biryani. Hyderabadi Biryani is originated as blending of Iranian and Mughals cuisine. The ruler of the Hyderabad state Nizam was brought this recipe and makes it popular in the world.

The Nizam’s city is very famous for the aromatic and savoury Biryani blended with the most popular spices, Kewda, Rose water and the saffron.

This Biryani is very specially cooked, the meat is marinate overnight 10-12 hours before use it. After that all ingredients are put in a deep vessel with narrow top called ‘Handi’ and cook on wood and charcoal to get the best flavor and taste.

4. The Bombay Biryani:

Bombay is another city where Biryani is very popular. While most of the Indian Biryani are quite same in looks but taste is different. And some extra specialty is differentiate those Biryanis.

The Bombay Biryani is different for the using of ‘Kewda’ and dried pulms gives this Biryani a little bit of sweetness. Rest spices are same, but the taste of the meat is little bit different.

The Bombay Biryani is the extension of Gujrati and Mangalorean cuisine. The Fried and spiced potatoes are added a special touch to this Biryani.

5. The Arcot Biryani:

The Arcot Biryani also known as Ambur Biryani. This is the south Indian special Biryani. This Biryani is originated in Tamil Nadu. And it has a typical south Indian twist and taste.

The Arcot Biryani is different in taste because of a special spice which is Brinjal masala. And it is commonly prepared in dry chili paste. All the spices and yogurt gives this Biryani a tangy taste. This Biryani was introduced by the royal cook to the street many years later.

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